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Who knew you could find out some much information on any commercial or residential property in the City of St Louis? The City’s website is a fantastic resource for a lot of things but the property search tool is really cool. This functionality is available for all users, whether you’re a nosy neighbor or want to find out which schools your kids might go to if you bought a house in the city – you will get all the information you need with a few simple clicks.

How to Search by Address or Portal

It’s not as obvious as it should be but you can find the St Louis Property Database search via the following landing page. Before diving in to see who doesn’t cut their grass or which landlord has abandoned their property there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The City of St. Louis does not allow you to search for properties by name but if you know the address you can find the owners.
  • This wonderful data from many sources is provided as a service to the public and is free! (be grateful!)
  • As you would expect the City of St Louis makes no warranty or guarantee concerning the accuracy or reliability of the content and assessing the accuracy and reliability of information is the responsibility of you the user.
  • And of course the City shall not be liable for and errors or damages in connection with the use of the information you dig up on their website.

What information can you search for?

There are five primary categories you can select when searching for a St Louis City Property and you can select one or more depending on your needs:

  1. Real Estate and Property Information – Taxes, valuation, assessment, sales info, land use
  2. Boundary & Geography – Maps, neighborhood, ward, blocks, zones, districts
  3. Residential Services – Neighborhood, ward, emergency services, schools, voting
  4. Trash and Maintenance – Refuse, recycling, seasonal cleanup
  5. Contacts and Elected Officials – Aldermen, NSO, local and state representatives

Lets Dig In – Example: Crown Candy

We know Crown Candy Kitchen’s address by heart because the food and chocolate is amazing – but for those of you that have not had the chance to visit:

Crown Candy Address: 1401 St Louis Ave, St. Louis, MO 63106

The first thing we find is the Basic Info – The owners name, the parcel ID, Neighborhood, Ward and land use..

In the Real Estate and Property Information section we can find all kinds of information about the property including but not limited to Owner mailing address (if the address is different than it’s most likely a rental), Collector of Revenue Account Number, Land Area, Land use information including zoning and class codes. There is also very detailed information in regards to assessments and how those assessments break down (land and improvements). If available you can also see sales history records including the dates and prices.

Real Estate Tax Summary – Based on the Collector of Revenue Account Number we can see the payment history for each of the most recent years. If there is a balance on a property you will see it here. Payment history includes Special Business district taxes, Commercial Surtax and total original taxes paid. The city site also provides users with the 5 most recent permits for the address you are researching.

Boundaries and Geography

St Louis Residential Services

  • Police District District Number 4 – – Central Patrol Division
  • Crime data –
  • Fire District – District Number 1
  • Ameren –
  • Laclede gas –
  • MSD –
  • Water –
  • Public Schools – Data provided by St. Louis Public Schools
  • Polling Place Information – Data provided by Board of Elections Commissioners
  • Service Requests – Showing the 5 most recent service requests for this address, or see ALL! (Data provided by Citizens’ Service Bureau)
  • Trash and Maintenance – Refuse Schedules, Street Cleaning Schedule, Seasonal Cleanup, Snow Routes (Data provided by Streets Department)

Contacts and Elected Local and State Officials

The St Louis Address & Property Search is a wonderful hidden resource and a great tool to research a neighbor or to find out when your trash is supposed to get picked up! I have used it many times just to better understand what resources are available to me.

Feature Photo credit: Don Barrett

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